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Coping with vulvodynia: may I enjoy a sex life that is healthy?

Vulvodynia is a condition which lots of people never have heard about, but that it is having a notable impact on your life if you have the condition, the chances are. For females with vulvodynia, perhaps the gentlest touch inside their genital (vulval) area can lead to intense, burning pain. The sources of vulvodynia aren’t fully recognized because when ladies with vulvodynia are analyzed there are not any abnormalities that are obvious.

But, you will find a true wide range of theories about what causes the pain sensation. The primary theory is vulvodynia is due to discomfort or hypersensitivity associated with the neurological fibres that explain to you your skin of this vulva. 1 This will probably end in discomfort, including moderate disquiet to pain that is severe.

Diagnosing vulvodynia

As currently talked about, vulvodynia could be hard to diagnose. Because of this, some ladies may face a long period of symptoms and pain before receiving the proper diagnosis. It may well be that if a delay occurred before diagnosis, and therefore receiving suitable treatments, you may have suffered in silence for quite a while if you have been diagnosed with vulvodynia. Continue reading