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Ok, you play so it’s a shooting game on your mobile with sexy stories, but how do?

Available on all platforms.Introduction and genre

An TPS shooting game with hentai that is not used to our site. let’s just take a better appearance. Discover BITC, the very first TPS on, where action satisfies bikinis, pretty girls and hentai scenes. With 3 on 3 waterpistol multiplayer ‘shootouts’, where in fact the aim would be to knock your competition out… Get ready for this game, it is not only girls who will be planning to get damp!

Tale and presentation

When it comes to introduction, the studio has taken down all of the stops – there’s an AAA movie, and whilst it downloads, we have been introduced into the figures, guidelines and items. Plus the most readily useful bit is this can be all uncensored. Liquid game tournaments have become popular and all sorts of the girls fantasy of being the celebrity of the dirty little game, which computes well as you’ve been asked to coach a team of a dozen or so girls for you. Continue reading