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Things such as foreplay, adult sex toys, while the usage of lubricant can increase the quality greatly associated with the experience,

Stephanie Fernandez/Contributing Journalist

Anal intercourse is certainly misconstrued as an agonizing, dirty activity reserved for homosexual males relating to Camila Pham, health educator in the University’s Healthy Living Program. But, she describes, the reality is definately not it.

Anal intercourse could be the riskiest intimate behavior because it is the region from where human body expels waste materials nevertheless with appropriate hygiene techniques as well as the appropriate security and make use of of lube, individuals may have anal intercourse in a safer method, Pham claims. “Anal intercourse is preferable to having genital intercourse. It’s a giant switch on along with a significantly better orgasm. It does not hurt at all, you merely reached learn how to do so as well as the position that is right get it done,” said Olga Macias, biology major.

Macias adds that it’s also risky while it might be pleasurable. She warns pupils to be cautious whenever selecting someone and start to become conscious of their partner’s health that is sexual. “Anal intercourse could be an experience that is uncomfortable specially in the beginning. Continue reading