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Okay, we confess. My fear that is long-lasting of sex or anal play, generally speaking, has stemmed from major poop anxiety.

Afraid of messy anal intercourse? Unfamipar with proper douching? Utilize this pH-balanced solution that is cleansing you are able to bottom with certainty.

Written in partnership with Future Method

Okay, we confess. My fear that is long-lasting of sex or anal play, as a whole, has stemmed from major poop anxiety. Not just have we heard countless unpleasant experiences with anal intercourse, nevertheless the simple looked at fecal residue being an integral part of any activity that is sexual me down seriously. Provided, it’s maybe not pke we don’t discover how to wipe properly or clean my ass correctly plus the undeniable fact that I prefer wet wipes along side regular wc paper assists relieve my issues, but nevertheless. Up to recently, I’ve been too far gone with anxiety about the worst-case scenario to try anal intercourse.

Certainly one of the best perks as being a sex writer learning in order to become an intercourse specialist is the possibility to over come stigma and address my fears head-on by trying products that are new. Recently I conquered my issues regarding messy backdoor play and discovered a great deal in regards to the the inner workings (?) of preparing for rectal intercourse. Enter, pun once again intended, Future Method’s pH balanced anal solution that is douche produced by Dr. Continue reading