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Your No-Nonsense Guide to Pegging, From Sexperts whom understand the the inner workings

Since sex-ed kept a lot of us high and dry (like, really dry) in terms of info that is implementing can definitely make use of, let’s just cut straight to the chase about pegging: initially, “the term relates especially up to a intimate training for which a woman does anal intercourse on a person, employing a strap-on vibrator,” claims sexual-wellness specialist and manager of training at sex-toy brand Satisfyer Megwyn White. The word came to be in 2001 as a consequence of columnist Dan Savage’s competition for coining a phrase to spell it out strap-on play between a lady and a guy, because during the time, it absolutely was somehow a dictionary blank room.

But as pegging has proceeded to create its means to the popular awareness ( many many thanks, Broad City!), queer and non-binary people have started with the term, too. “It’s become an even more term that is fluid sex boundaries are becoming less rigid,” says Stuart Nugent, brand name supervisor at luxury sex-toy business LELO. Continue reading