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In people, just exactly what determines the intercourse of offspring and just why?

Genetics Principles – Lesson 5: Meiosis

5.1 Meiosis Defined

Meiosis creates gametes (egg and sperm cells).

During meiosis, genetic info is exchanged amongst the maternally and paternally inherited copies of a set of chromosomes to be able to produce brand new combinations of genes. This technique of hereditary recombination helps you to increase variability that is genetic a species. It allows for the transmission of practically unlimited combinations of genes from moms and dad to offspring.

The ensuing gametes have actually 23 brand brand new chromosomes, one person in each one of the 23 pairs, representing unique combinations associated with the original maternal and paternal copies.

5.2 Meiosis Terminology—Homolog

Homologous chromosomes , or homologs, comprise associated with the known people in any provided chromosome set. One person in the homolog could be the chromosome through the mom additionally the other user is through the daddy.

During meiosis, homologs pair together.

5.3 Meiosis Terminology—Chromatid

A chromatid is created during meiosis and it is certainly one of two identical DNA strands formed after DNA synthesis. Continue reading