Universal Credit: two son or daughter limitation. Things to understand

Situation two

In the event that very first kid associated with several birth may be the child that is second your claim, you can expect to get a kid element for the kid. You will get a young kid element when it comes to other kid or kids associated with the several birth.


Kevin and Penny have actually Jack (aged five) inside their household when twins Alex and Luke are born on 20 December 2017. Kevin may be the moms and dad of and in charge of the twins. Kevin is consequently eligible for kid element for Jack, Alex and Luke.

Adopted children

This pertains to all third or subsequent kiddies in your home created on or after 6 April 2017 that are used through the health insurance and Social Care Trust.

It is applicable through the date you feel in charge of the adopted youngster.

This unique situation will perhaps not apply if:

  • the kid is used from abroad (an international or ‘Convention’ adoption)
  • you or your spouse had been their step-parent immediately before you adopted them
  • you or your lover had been their normal moms and dad (‘natural moms and dad’ can be called ‘birth parent’ or parent’ that is‘biological
  • you or your partner had already adopted the young kid beneath the legislation of every nation or territory away from British Isles

Kids coping with family members, buddies or in non-parental arrangements that are caring

This circumstance that is special to your following two teams.

Buddy and family members carers

This is applicable where you have got a formal caring arrangement in position, such as for instance in which you have already been appointed by a court as legitimately in charge of the kid or young individual.

It could additionally use in which the caring arrangement is created on a casual foundation. In this instance, both you and your worker that is social must Form ICINI(IS) and get back it to your Department for Communities Exceptions group.

The buddy and household carers’ special situation will perhaps not fat girls on webcam use in the event that you or your lover is a moms and dad or step-parent associated with youngster or young individual.

Under 16 olds who have a child year

This is applicable the place where youngster under 16 you may be responsible for becomes the moms and dad of a kid.

In this situation you will get a young child element when it comes to brand brand brand new youngster you are responsible for them if they are also within your household and. This exclusion will stay static in spot through to the moms and dad turns 16 and it is in a position to claim advantages by themselves for them and the youngster.

This special situation may stop in the event that young moms and dad actually leaves your family, leaving their child in your care and also you currently get a young child element for 2 other young ones or teenagers.

Kids conceived from a non-consensual intimate work

This relates to 3rd or children that are subsequent your home in which the Department for Communities has determined the kid:

  • probably will have already been conceived as a consequence of a non-consensual intimate work (including rape)
  • ended up being conceived at or about a period you had been at the mercy of ongoing behaviour that is controlling coercive behaviour by one other parent regarding the son or daughter, which had a critical impact on your

To be eligible for a son or daughter take into account these scenarios, you must no further be managing the child’s other biological moms and dad. You will be expected to ensure this.

This circumstance that is special use if:

  • there’s been a conviction for rape under Northern Ireland legislation
  • There has been a conviction for an offence under the statutory law of a nation outside Northern Ireland that is much like a conviction for rape
  • you’ve been granted a Criminal Injuries Compensation Award for a injury that is relevant at or just around the full time of conception

But, there doesn’t have to possess been a court situation, conviction or settlement prize with this circumstance that is special use.

We recognise that the management of the exclusion is very painful and sensitive. Nonetheless, it is crucial to own this exclusion in position to guide you if you’re in this place.

If you were to think this circumstance that is special to your situation, fill out Form NCC1NI(IS) by using an authorized alternative party and get back the shape to your Department for Communities’ Exceptions group.

Approved third events

The organisations that are following experts will allow you to finish Form NCC1NI(IS):

  • Belfast and Lisburn Women’s Help
  • Foyle Women’s help
  • a doctor (as an example, your midwife, health visitor or physician)
  • a subscribed worker that is social

The statement from the form from an authorized party that is third be accepted as evidence that this unique scenario relates. At no right time are you considering questioned by Department for Communities staff concerning the event.

Impact on other advantages

You’ll still be eligible to assistance with childcare charges for kiddies or young people you’re in charge of, even although you do not receive a kid element for several of those.

You’ll nevertheless be eligible to extra help according of every disabled kiddies, even though you aren’t getting one more son or daughter number of Universal Credit for the child that is disabled.

Certain other advantages, including Child Benefit and school that is free, will never be impacted.

A child joining your household and any changes in your circumstances involving children or young people to your local Jobs and Benefits office to make sure you don’t miss out on benefits you are entitled to, you should report the birth of a child.

More information

The Department for Communities Exceptions team for queries or further information, please contact.

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