Brandi Glanville Details Alleged Hookup With Denise Richards, Gets Psychological About Being a ‘Cheater’

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“I imagine you guys must be careful along with her because she’s perhaps perhaps maybe not whom she pretends become. Everything you see just isn’t that which you get, ” Brandi began before telling Teddi that Denise does not like her “at all” and it has stated “horrible things” about her. “It was just mean. … evidently she doesn’t like anybody. She doesn’t like Lisa Rinna either. She’s like, ‘Erika is a coldhearted bitch. ’ Then again she’s around you guys and she’s like, ‘Why do all of them desire to fight beside me? ’”

Brandi, who had been visibly stressed, noted that Denise is available on her. Along with her because she “has something” She then dropped the bombshell about their so-called hookup.

Brandi Glanville and Denise Richards. Mediapunch/Shutterstock; Michael Simon/Startraks

“I saw her in April then i did son’t see her once again until your celebration plus some s—t transpired over those nine months that has been — it is actually f—king bad, ” Brandi stated. “I was in fact out that they have, like, an understanding, like she could be with girls if she wanted to with her and Aaron Phypers and I knew. … initial night we came across, one thing occurred. ”

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The Drinking and Tweeting writer alleged that the two females made down after getting “completely wasted. ” Based on Brandi, Denise wasn’t “with” Aaron at the time. Nonetheless, in April 2019, Denise presumably invited Brandi to visit her on set in Northern Ca plus they had intercourse.

“I went and I would definitely get my very own room, but Denise said, ‘No simply stay right here. It’s fine. I’ll get you a rollaway bed, ’” Brandi explained, noting that Denise’s child 15-year-old child, Lola, has also been in the journey with a buddy. “There had been no rollaway bed. … And therefore I simply slept within the sleep with Denise. ”

Brandi then alleged that she and Denise “hooked up” after drinking together once again.

“I don’t would like you dudes to evaluate me personally. … I’m bisexual, everyone understands that. My children understand that, ” Brandi stated. “I happened to be uncomfortable. The children were downstairs and then we had been when you look at the loft and there was clearly no home. And I also simply couldn’t enter into it. The following day, Denise believed to me, ‘No matter everything you do, you merely can’t inform Aaron. He will destroy me personally. ’ And I’m like, ‘What the f—k is occurring at this time? ’”

Celebrity Sex Confessions

“I would personally have not slept with Denise if I was thinking that Aaron had not been okay along with it, ” Brandi stated inside her confessional. I was going out of town with her“ he knew. He knew we had made away prior to. There is no relevant concern within my brain that Aaron wasn’t OK along with for this. ”

Brandi unveiled she had a “breakdown” and “felt horrible” following the event. The 2 women did talk that is n’t the evening before Kyle’s celebration in November 2019.

“She heard that Kim had been going out she was worried with you guys and. … She had been like, ‘You have actuallyn’t told anybody anything, right? ’” Brandi told Kyle, Kim and Teddi. “Now she’s calling me personally and telling me personally all this s—t about Erika, s—t about Teddi and I’m going, ‘Who is this person that is crazy’”

Within the promo when it comes to 29 episode of RHOBH, fans see Teddi tell Denise about Brandi’s claims during their group trip to Rome july. A rep for the Wild Things star previously denied that Denise had a intimate encounter with Brandi. The actress additionally served Brandi having a cease and desist letter.

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